5 things to look forward to in Kruger National Park

Always dreamed of going on an authentic African safari? Felt inspired to travel from watching Out of Africa and endless David Attenborough documentaries? Kruger Park will exceed your wildest expectations, offering wildlife encounters and breath-taking scenery not even postcards can properly capture.  If you are still contemplating whether Kruger Park is the destination where all of this is possible, then this blog post will definitely help make the decision easier.


Whether it’s for your Facebook newsfeed or family photo albums, no trip to Africa is complete without a photo or two standing in front of these majestic trees. The ancient baobab can grow up to 25 metres tall with an astonishing longevity; with a number of trees in Kruger said to be well over 5000 years old!

An African myth tells the tale of a giant child of the gods that once pulled the baobab out of the ground and then stuck it back upside down, which accounts for its root-like branches. The tree is just as loved by animals in Kruger, so look out for elephants rubbing up against them for a good scratch.


Waterhole at Punda Maria Rest Camp

This northernmost campsite in Kruger Park is perfect for those searching for a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. One of the smaller camps in the park, it’s still home to the original thatched and mud-walled huts which were built in 1933. The most enchanting part of the camp, besides its authentic feel, is the waterhole which is located right inside the campsite. Enjoy your morning coffee while gazing over game coming to have a drink.

If you are searching for a better view, walk down to the wooden hide at night which overlooks the floodlit waterhole. Look forward to seeing giraffe, nyala and elephants during the day and in the early hours you might be lucky enough to get a glimpse of lion.

Jock of the Bushveld Memorial

If there is one book that can pull on your heart strings while still enticing you to embark on an African holiday, it’s Jock of the Bushveld, written by Sir James Percy Fitzpatrick. The novel has become an integral part of South African heritage and Fitzpatrick’s adventures are perfect as campfire tales. The book is a true story about the journey of Fitzpatrick and his companion and dog, Jock.

This courageous tale has left its mark across South Africa with many memorials scattered around the country, all of which are spots Jock and Fitzpatrick once visited. One of these memorials is in Kruger Park in the Southern Region and something not to be missed.


Big 5

An obvious one, but something we can’t not highlight, is the chance to see all the big 5 in their natural habitat. Before Kruger Park was fenced off, the area was home to roaming elephant, lion, rhino and leopard, and today you can see all these animals in one place.

In order to see all the Big 5, we recommend staying in the park for a couple of days, this way you can look forward to sightings of leopard in the early morning and at night you can take a game drive where you might bump into very shy rhino and buffalo.


Guided walks near Olifants Rivier

Take a walk on the wild side of life and stroll amongst the fauna and flora of Kruger. If you want to have a true Kruger experience, you’ll need to get out your game vehicle and be able to smell the flowers for yourself. At various camps around Kruger, SANParks offer guided walks which give you the chance to view game while accompanied by a knowledgeable, trustworthy and armed game ranger. These wilderness trails take you along paths which the general public are unable to visit, offering you an exclusive sneak peek into the unseen parts of the park. Oliftants Rivier offers a diversity of wildlife and it’s the ideal spot to enjoy a guided walk.


Now that we’ve got you excited about Kruger Park and its highlights, it’s time to get your camera, passport and hiking shoes ready to embark on your travels. Take our 7 day fly in Kruger package and get ready for your South African safari.

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