Crazy for craft beer

People are going crazy for craft beer, if you haven’t already noticed. This is your chance to get up to speed on all things craft before the movement leaves you in its dust. No doubt you’ve heard of wine tasting and wine tours, but here’s an extra little treat for tourists and locals alike: you can do craft beer tasting in and around Cape Town too. You still get the same beautiful scenery as you would on a wine tour but this way you make it a little better with beer.

So kick back and crack open a cold one while we walk you through our top five craft breweries:

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Tuk Tuk Microbrewery, Franschhoek

Tuk Tuk Microbrewery has been known to move at its own pace which is fitting seeing as its named after one. The brewery sits comfortably along Franschhoek’s main road as part of the Leeu Collection and Cape Brewing Company. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s called a “microbrewery” – their premises are home to a top-notch 250-litre Kaspar Schulz brewery. Dewald Goosen, previously at CBC, is the brewmaster on the scene – set between beautiful interior design and custom artwork that lines the walls. They’ve put a spin on the weiss and dunkel and they serve a great selection of Mexican foods.

Cape Brewing Company, Paarl

CBC has become a craft beer house name for many restaurants and bars across South Africa. Their pilsner in particular is a frequent favourite on the lips of the locals, and more recently, their pale ale that’s been canned to challenge beer bottle traditionalists. Set in peaceful Paarl, Cape Brewing Company is a modern brewery with a thirst for real, authentic beer. They opened in 2012 and see more than 50 000 guests a year, and why wouldn’t they? Nestled into the scenery at the foot of Paarl Mountain, the surrounds will take your breath away. Brewmaster Wolfgang is passionate about his craft and will treat you to a memorable journey down the craft beer path.


Devil’s Peak Brewing Company, Salt River

Many people argue over what determines whether a beer is a craft beer or not. Truth is, craft is both about the actual beer and the story behind how the brewery got where it is. This is true for Devil’s Peak if you look at the years of recipe development, garage brewing and searching for the right people. They started trading publicly in 2012 and they have pioneered a large part of South Africa’s craft beer knowledge. Their most recent addition is The Taproom – a pub and restaurant where you definitely want to be seen. Offset by stunning mountain views amidst the mad bustle of after work traffic, The Taproom is cosy and inviting. Why not try something new from the bar and ask one of the team to tell you all about it.

Hoghouse Brewing Company, Ndabeni

Step it up a notch when you step into the Hoghouse brewery. Inspired by two decades of exploration and adventures in Africa, Hoghouse Brewing Company has a legendary warthog as a mascot. Why? Because of its grit and character… just like their beers. The beer runs straight from the cold room in their brewery to the customised taps at the bar. This way it’s brilliantly fresh! The brewery is committed to environmentally friendly systems making sure that the surroundings are as well looked after as the customers. Hoghouse boasts a beautiful view over a farm with five signature ales to sip on while enjoying the sights.


Stellenbrau Brewery, Stellenbosch

Deon Engelbrecht hit the jackpot when he decided to give craft beer a chance, and opened up the Stellenbrau brewery. More than hitting the jackpot, his beers have won numerous awards and you’ll understand why once you’ve had them. Stellenbrau is the first artisanal brewery in Stellenbosch and is somewhere you should definitely stop if you want a taste of international quality at a local spot. They have a 45-minute guided tour for individuals, pairs or groups where you’ll see the brewing process from start to finish and even try the beers. Stellenbrau really puts a classy stamp on craft beer – in fact, we almost insist you stop there.

Is your mouth watering yet? Talk to one of our tour guides when you book a tour with us and tell them you’d really like to add a crafty edge to your trip. Your journey is about experiencing things that you’re passionate about – things you’ve never encountered before. We’ll make the craft beer happen for you so you can focus on taking it all in.

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