Top 3 vehicles for a safari holiday

If you have ever been on safari, you will know that one of the most important factors to consider is the vehicle that will be used during your sightseeing excursion. Will it be able to handle the terrain, will it be comfortable, will there be enough space and will you be safe if any curious creatures decide to come have a closer look at you? These are just some of the factors to consider when choosing your ultimate safari vehicle. So if you’re planning a self-drive holiday or want to know more about the vehicles you are likely to be travelling in, read on to find out what our top three vehicles are and why.

Number one on our list is the Overland Truck produced by manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and Scania. Built to handle the rough terrain of Africa, these vehicles are most commonly used for your longer distance safaris with larger tour parties (can seat 12-44 people). They can also carry a large amount of equipment, while still offering passengers a relatively comfortable ride with good views of the wildlife and scenery.

LS_vehicles2 LS_vehicles

With various seating arrangements, plenty of luggage space, large windows, pop-up roofs, a mobile kitchen/ diner, first-aid and all the modern gadgets you would need, the Overland Truck is definitely the right option when you are a large group on a lengthy trip. Note that for smaller groups there are also Micro Busses or smaller Overland Trucks.

Number two on our list is for those wanting the more personal, 4×4 safari experience. Land Cruisers and Land Rovers are your option when you want to do it yourself or have an experienced driver take you around. These vehicles can come standard or fully customized for either luxury and comfort or serious off-roading. They are generally for four to six people, with luggage on the roof or in a trailer to keep the vehicle uncluttered, so remember to pack lightly.

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Number three on our list is traditional Open Game-Viewing vehicles. These are usually modified or adapted Land Cruisers or 4×4 Bakkies that can seat six to nine people. These vehicles are generally used for shorter safaris or game drives due to their ‘open-nature’ and allow passengers to get up close and personal with the sights, sounds and smells of nature. Remember to pack in sunscreen and a hat though. This option usually includes an experienced driver and tracker to make the safari more enjoyable.

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So there you have it, three different types of vehicles for three completely different safari experiences. So whether you are a small or larger group, regardless of the length of your safari, remember to pick the right vehicle and above all else, enjoy yourself! If you want to find out more about tailored safari trips in South Africa please get in touch with us.

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