Top Five Instagram Accounts for Nature Lovers to Follow

With thousands of exquisite Instagram profiles available to explore, it can be quite overwhelming trying to shortlist the best ones to follow. So we have taken a look at some of the most popular local and international profiles to see what the professional photographers and explorers are getting up to. Here are five of our all time favourites.

1. National Geographic (@NatGeo)

National Geographic started their Instagram feed three years ago, and they now have close to 10 000 posted images and more than 44 million followers. What makes this account so special is that there is no social media manager, editor or marketer involved – @NatGeo is managed by photojournalists – 110 of them. They each have the password and follow a schedule to ensure that there is about an hour between posts. Sarah Leen, director of photography at National Geographic says: “It’s not a place to sell magazines or photos. It’s simply a place for people to look at great pictures”.


2. South Africa ZA (@southafricaza) 

The South Africa ZA account showcases the best images South Africa has to offer and is managed by Dean Cothill and Craig Howes – two professional photographers who collaborated and created @southafricaza. Dean is based in Port Elizabeth and won the ‘Best Independent Media’ by the Port Elizabeth Business Leaders for 2015, while Craig has become the most followed South African on Instagram. Follow this account for your ultimate guide to South Africa.


3. Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve (@sabisabireserve)

Sabi Sabi is a reserve within the larger Sabi Sands Game Reserve, which in turn is a private extension of the massive Kruger National Park – all with open borders to each other. Sabi Sabi offers visitors excellent game viewing, especially the frequency with which guests get to see leopards up close. The Instagram account features beautiful images of sights captured in the reserve, with brief captions of what the images are about. Following this account is bound to get you planning your next safari trip!


4. Marlon du Toit (@marlondutoit)

Marlon du Toit is a safari guide, photographer and explorer. With over 31 000 followers, scrolling through his account will to take you on a magical safari experience. He shares photographs of his African safari experiences with powerful captions, as well as a few posts on his personal life and how nature and wildlife influences the way in which he sees the world. Marlon also has his own website and writes for a blog called Wild Eye where you can find more of his photographic safari shots and the story behind each of them.


5. Singita Private Game Reserve (@singita_)

Singita offers guests award-winning safari lodges and the brand has become synonymous with luxury safari travel in Africa. Their account gives followers a daily taste of life in the bush with gorgeous photos from their managers, guides, chefs, sommeliers, community projects, conservation teams, and guests. Don’t miss out on regular updates from this account, featuring big game, baby animals, unique wildlife, beautiful landscapes and exquisite sunsets.


Post a comment and let us know what profiles make your top five; and where you plan to go for your next trip in Africa. PS – don’t forget to follow us at @luxury_safaris_.

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