Tour guide of choice: Rudi Janse Van Rensburg

Rudi has been an active full-time guide for PG TOPS and Luxury Safaris since 2013.

Talk about an interesting life. When Rudi had his primary education at the legendary Grey College in Bloemfontein, he would never have guessed the interesting life in hospitality that would be his destiny.

Before being a guide, he had years as a restaurant owner in several locations all over South Africa, an extended stint as a purser for the Crystal Cruise Lines in the Caribbean and even a bit of time spent as a hairdresser. All this would lead to a career in local tourism hospitality as a tour guide in Cape Town.

These day, when he isn’t being a guide, he balances his time on the road with time in the office, consulting our high-end clients on their national itineraries. Rudi’s patience, sense of humour and old school manners have ensured he is a hit with the clients, his teammates and our suppliers.

Rudi is qualified to guide on the Garden Route and in the Cape Town area. His knowledge base is extensive in nature, history, and international geography.


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