Victoria Falls: The flight of Angels…

“Let’s do it,” I said.
“It’s expensive,” she said.

“It’s worth it. You’re worth it. We’re worth it,” I said.

Then I realised I sounded like a shampoo commercial, but I booked the helicopter flight anyway.

Suffice it to say: 10 minutes of pure magic. I cannot fathom sending anyone to the Falls in future and not recommending this activity. And the best part? We did the shorter-cheaper flight (150USD, the flight of Angels). The longer flight – the Spectacular – is apparently much better, as they dip down into the gorge. It comes in at 284USD for double the airmails, but I reckon its got to be worth it. Next time!

Our trip to Vic Falls also included an authentic Village visit from Tongabezi, epic river cruises, game drives, amazing hospitality and even a colonial throwback train ride to the Falls. But the helicopter flight wins. Hands down.


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