Visit the majestical Victoria Falls

The world-famous Victoria Falls is a fabulous playground for lovers of beauty and nature, tourists looking for relaxation, and thrill seekers. The Falls are known by many as the ‘centre point for adventure’ in Southern Africa, and there’s no better way to describe it. Apart from breathtaking views from all angles, there’s an endless list of things to do during your safari trip to the Victoria Falls.


1. Kick-start your adrenaline with a 110 m jump

If you’re an avid adventure-junkie, this should be at the top of your list. The 110 m freefall bungee, done off the Victoria Falls bridge, is famous for being one of the highest and most spectacular jumps in the world. This is not for the faint-hearted, as the jump will have you heading straight down towards the powerful Zambezi River. If you’re a bit weary, rest assured that over 50 000 people have safely jumped from this bridge. Lastly, remember to take your passport with on the day, as the bridge marks the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.


2. Take a walk on the wild side

Once you’ve seen Victoria Falls from above, get a different perspective from below and witness the spray and thundering waters up close. Although this sounds simple enough, it is recommended that you are still reasonably fit to complete the walk. The hike down the 110 m high gorge will take you approximately 30 minutes; After spending about an hour at the base of the falls, it takes about another hour to get back up. We recommend sturdy, comfortable shoes, waterproof cameras, sun screen and swimming attire underneath your clothes – because you will get wet!


3. See the crashing waters of the Zambezi from above

David Livingstone’s first description of the Victoria Falls was that it must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight. It’s for this reason that the helicopter tour over Victoria Falls is now referred to as “The Flight of Angels”. There is no better way to get a clear perspective of this massive natural wonder than a bird’s eye view.


4. Elephant walks

A ride on one of these majestic creatures will take you through the bush and enable you to see wildlife from an unusual and incredible view point. Not only will this magical experience give you the opportunity to touch, smell, hear and feel these gentle giants from as close as you’ll ever get, but you’ll get a great idea of how the animals interact with each other on a typical day in the bush.


5. Sip on sundowners

After an action-packed day, you’ll want to sit back, relax and take in the day’s activities. Kick back on a sunset cruise, while spotting wildlife and a variety of birds along the Zambezi River with a cocktail or glass of wine in hand.

With so many incredible activities to choose from, grand hotels and true African hospitality, it’s easy to understand why the Victoria Falls is considered as one of the adventure capitals of the southern tip of the continent. Combine cosmopolitan, lifestyle, bush safari, ocean adventures and international travel with our Cape Town, Kruger and Victoria Falls safari tour.

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