We are committed to the sustainability of tourism in Southern Africa, both to the benefit of our endemic species and indigenous populations. As such, a multi-tiered approach is required to address the interrelated threats to endangered species in our wildlife reserves:

  1. Support of the Tourism Conservation Fund through our membership of S.A.T.S.A.

South African Tourism Services Association is committed on a macro level to uplift, engage and educate local communities in and around our national parks, in particular the great Kruger, Umfolozi and Madikwe reserves. This socio-economic project is one of the grandest undertaken of its kind in Africa, and constitutes a mandatory contributotion to the fund across the board for tourism enterprises in South Africa. The underlying methodology is to take away the incentives for poaching or land encroachment, thereby ensuring sustainable areas for our African species to endure.

2. Stringent supply requirements for our luxury lodges

We take great care to ensure that our suppliers adhere to the highest standards of sustainable practice, active conservationism and environmentally friendly support structures. This includes solar energy, low waste footprint and in-house conservation initiatives.

3. In-house Training and education initiatives

We actively support the recruitment and training of South Africa’s umemployed youth into the tourism industry through T.B.C. (Tourism Boot Camp), a joint Luxury Safaris and PG TOPS sponsored initiative. The project focuses on in-house training of interns on a rotational basis to enter them into the tourism field, thereby tackling the tripartite evils of lack of education, lack of opportunity and lack of resources.