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We know how tempting it can be to stay home during the colder months and do as little as possible, but winter in South Africa sometimes even manages to beat summer – so put away those blankets, get your winter kit ready and pack your bags for your South African winter safari! The following reasons should be enough to convince you to book your trip with us this season.

  1. Dry season in the Kruger

May to September in the Kruger National Park is the dry season, which means it’s easier to spot wildlife because the trees are bare and there is less vegetation – causing animals to gather around waterholes and rivers to get enough water. Even though the mornings and nights can be chilly, no rain means clear skies, sunny days and less mosquitos. Another bonus is that parks are less crowded during winter, so no competing is needed to get the best spots. Read this article for 5 things to look forward to in Kruger National Park.


  1. Sunny winter days

People don’t call our country ‘Sunny South Africa’ for no reason. One of the best things about SA is that even in winter we’re spoiled with many wonderful sunny days. May to July is characterised by sunny and crisp days in many parts of the country, with the nights being a little colder – however, nothing that can’t be fixed with a nice winter jacket and a pair of boots. Rainy days in the Garden Route will ensure beautiful green and misty sea views and this list of essentials for a South African winter safari should have you sorted.


  1. Cosy up in front of the campfire

The Garden Route is magical during the colder months and nothing beats a good glass of red wine or a warm cup of coffee enjoyed next to a crackling fire. Luxury accommodation places will cater for colder nights with fire places and warm rooms, so no need to worry about sleeping cold.


  1. More availability and less crowds

Unless you visit South Africa during the school holidays, winter holidays are generally less crowded and therefore accommodation availability is much higher. Many establishments and lodges have lower rates during the winter season, when fewer people are willing to travel. Also, less crowded tourist areas means having the restaurants and spots all to yourselves!


  1. Good food and wine

Because our bodies are forced to expend more energy to keep us warm – you have a good excuse for a hearty appetite and to put on one or two extra kilograms! If there is one thing you don’t have to worry about in South Africa – it’s the availability of good food and wine wherever you go. From wholesome soups, to a proudly South African dish called bobotie, restaurants cater for winter months with fireplaces, a cosy atmosphere and warm hearty food!


Have a look at our Garden Route Safari or Kruger Safari and Cape Town Tour and book your winter holiday trip with Luxury Safaris. Contact us for more information.

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