It is a funny word, contribution.

I suppose it could relate to our contribution to society, to our networks, to our country, to our planet? Do we put more than we take out, is our karma solid, is our feng shui aligned. Deep thoughts man.

While I would be happier to contemplate these thoughts at a yoga retreat in Bali, the demands of new fatherhood, tough industry conditions and a hectically misaligned social equity environment has channeled my and (by bullying, cajoling and offering bribes in the form of pizza Friday) my whole team into doing something constructive around contribution.

Hence, Tourism Boot Camp 4.0 has been going at full force. In the middle of moving the office, a lack of training space, disfunctional laptops, conflicting commitments, lack of a full time project manager, no real funding, one of our cars getting totalled on the freeway, and a sudden massive uptick in enquiries (yay!) we have managed to identify, train, upskill and inspire six talented youngsters to get them ready for a big career in tourism. Kudos to my team, industry partners and general goodwill and support for helping with this.

Challenging but satisfying work. Check it out on

Oh, and yeah, I am a sucker for punishment. Smack in the middle of our Boot Camp, I volunteered at at someone else’s Boot Camp to do some teaching there. A tale of two programs, in a way, as Khwela has full funding from the good folks at, including a swanky training room. Inspires me to hurry up with that Non-profit status documentation so we can also start scaling our initiative.

Why do we do it? Contribution, man. South Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world, but we have the skills and resources to fix it. We just need the will…

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