Guide of the month: Yolanda Bekker

There is a very thin line between being too professional and too personal, and Yolanda believes any good tourist guide should walk that line and rather be a host to his or her visiting guests.

She is 30 years old, Afrikaans and has been a Cape Town host to many visitors since 2011. This is why…

“I believe that I live in the most beautiful city in the world; we have the friendliest people and you do not have to go very far to see something different. Being a tourist guide for the last 4 years has changed the direction of my life. In return, I have been able to change the direction of other people’s lives.”

Yolanda started working with Luxury Safaris founder Pieter Geldenhuys in June 2011. Together they systemized the business, employed more people, tackled new problems, initiated charity drives and succeeded in making guests feels like they were visiting a friend in South Africa and that they never wanted to leave.

In addition to guiding, managing and mentoring the newbies, Yolanda has been nominated for numerous tour guide awards and has established herself as a prominent feature on the Capetonian guiding landscape. Her youthful enthusiasm coupled with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of South Africa’s peoples and places makes her an experience in itself!


Here are a few snippets from Trip Advisor reviews that are testament to this:

Yolanda could not have been more engaging, thoughtful, fun, candid about herself, Cape Town and its history. It is simply her personality. The result was we got a sense of the history and evolution of Cape Town and its culture from a real local, whose first language was Afrikaans… If one wants to mix fun with a tour, and end up with a real sense of the area, Yolanda and her company will be a great bet. – Reviewed 24 September 2014

We spent 2 days with Yolanda for a Peninsula Tour and Winelands Tour. She is young fun and very nice to answer all of our questions. We had never done private tours before and were worried it would feel ‘strange’ but Yolanda is so open and nice and we could do whatever we wanted! We had reservations to paraglide and due to weather it was questionable; so Yolanda even picked us up early and switched days around for us due to Robben Island cancellation and Paragliding weather. Thank you Yolanda! – Reviewed 13 July 2014

We found Yolanda to be very knowledgeable about all things in the Cape Town area. She was prompt about everything while providing us with great flexibility in our tours to deal with the weather and our interests. While being a complete professional, she also gave us delightful insight into some aspects of her life and became someone we would love to see again. We would give her the very highest rating. – Reviewed 21 February 2014

We were fortunate to spend several days with Yolanda and she was outstanding right from the start at the airport pickup! We did a Cape Point Tour and Winelands tour with Yolanda and enjoyed every moment of her enthusiasm and knowledge of the areas. She did an excellent job of customizing the experiences to our interests and made the days extremely enjoyable! – Reviewed 4 February 2014

A couple of my colleagues and I were in Cape Town for business and snuck away for a day to tour the city. We are so glad we did!! We travel around the world for business and Yolanda helped make Cape Town an unforgettable adventure. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the area and flexible with our times and what we wanted to see. I highly recommend PG Tops tours and can especially recommend Yolanda as a friendly, experienced guide. Definitely add this to your to-do list. – Reviewed 4 September 2013

I only had a single day from landing in the morning to see as much as possible because of work commitments for my remaining days. Yolanda was my guide & is a great talker, she’s the perfect tonic to a city full of spirit as we cruised around in a BMW. The different districts, Signal Hill, vineyard and sunset drive back for dinner at V&A. Peter had even arranged beers on Long street to party into the next day. Thank you for both a memorable first day in Cape Town. – Reviewed 12 August 2013

It was our first trip to Cape Town and everything was just perfect! From the time we were picked up in the airport to the day we left, we just had so much fun with Yolanda. My kids loved her! She was so patient and even went shell picking with them during the Cape Peninsula tour. All the stops we made, the restos, wineries, sights, animal farms (i.e. ostrich, cheetah, butterfly farms, etc) were fantastic. Yolanda offered honest practical tips and insights which we appreciated. In fact, my husband and I just sat back and enjoyed all the drives as Yolanda entertained us all. – Reviewed 7 February 2012

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