Luxury Safaris specials in South Africa this winter

So you asked yourself the question: Where do I go for my dream holiday in Africa?

The seed would have been planted either when you swooned over Robert Redford in Out of Africa, watched endless documentaries on National Geographic or when you talked to your more well traveled more glamorous friend who raved about her exotic holiday in the middle of the bush.

Once the seed is planted, suddenly people who have been (and loved it) are everywhere. Sometimes it feels like even the checkout lady at the local supermarket had been and has some key advice on where to go and how to go about it.

Personally speaking, here are a few nuggets of wisdom that are important to bear in mind once you start your planning:

1. Africa is a continent. South Africa is a country within that continent.

2. It’s a bigass country. Bigger than Texas. Smaller than Australia. Big enough that you shouldn’t underestimate the time it takes to get from point a to b… never mind c.

3. There are a few things that you absolutely HAVE to do. They are:

– See some animals in the wild, preferably from the safety of a registered safari vehicle with a qualified ranger

– Go up Table Mountain (you can walk it. Cable Car is quicker)

– Drink some fine South African wine. In Stellenbosch.

Your ideal South African holiday should not be shorter than ten days but needn’t be longer than two weeks – depending on the variety of things you want to do, of course.

Personally, I think winter is a great time to do a Cape Town and Garden Route combination trip. You can visit the mother city and enjoy a luxury safari at either Shamwari or Botlierskop. Both properties have incredible low season specials and availability isn’t a problem…

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